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Messianic Yeshiva of Discipleship Course Catalog - Messianic Yeshiva


Messianic Yeshiva of Discipleship Course Catalog

Congratulations on taking the first steps in learning how to have a spirit enriched relationship with the Creator of the Universe!

Nothing happens by happenstance, so if you are on this page, it is because Abba has lead you here for a purpose, even if just to plant the seed that will later be watered and nourished by His Word.

When I first started taking some of these same courses presented here, many years ago – I wept and felt the Ruach come over me saying – ‘make disciples’, hence I formed this Yeshiva.

I feel so strongly about these courses and they will change your life as you, Abba and Yeshua walk hand in hand through life together. You will never doubt or loose faith as to where They are leading you.

Now on the last day of the feast, Hoshana Rabbah, Yeshua stood and cried out, “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink! He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, from within him will flow rivers of living water.” John 7:37-38

So get ready to be filled with the river of life and be taken places you’ve never dreamed about!

Select the correct catalog for the country you currently live in and take some time to pray and ask the Lord what area He wants you to serve Him in.

Our courses are priced economically for all our international students around the world. Still, in this labor of love, bills do need to be paid and as the scriptures say ‘the laborer is worthy of his wages’ (1Tim 5:18) – so as you consider what the Lord has for you as you increase in knowledge and understanding and as you support these efforts, you will be richly blessed – for the Word of God is more precious than silver and gold (Psalm 119:72-73).

If you need financial aid, let your Rabbi or Pastor know and see about asking for sponsorship from the other members of the Congregation. It is an investment in their future as much as yours, for you are being trained as a future leader in the congregation and beyond.

Then call or email our office and we will help get you started and discuss your calling, confirm your mailing address and set you on a straight path to success!

We look forward to serving you and walking the journey together!


Jeffrey Clarke
Messianic Discipleship Institute

First / Second World Students

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If you’re on the list, use this catalog.
MyMDI Majors and Enrollment Form
MyMDI 2014-2015 Course Catalog Or, contact our office for any course questions.

Developing Country Students

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If you’re on the list, use this catalog. Coming soon, contact our office for any course questions.